it’s a wonderful day!


This morning I woke up with this stuck to me. It definitely wasn’t there when I went to bed. I’d never seen it before. I should probably also mention I woke up with Sylvie asleep in the crook of my arm, as I do most mornings lately.

She brings me things like giant twigs and the biggest cluster of leaves she can find. Also a lot of neighbourhood rubbish.  Things that rustle and twinkle, like pie wrappers and other people’s discarded mail. And now Hello Kitty tags. She heralds each new gift with squeaks. The prouder she is of her offering, the noisier she’ll be. It’s the only time she ever talks.

Anyway, how can it not be a wonderful day when in the dark of night Sylvie brings me a message saying so? I hadn’t even told her about my Hello Kitty thing.


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