my houndstooth universe


So last night I wrote a grand total of 305 Frankie words. Tonight I was going to do the same — maybe I still will (unleash myself on an unsuspecting world 305 words at a time… look out) — but then I got caught up colouring in my houndstooth universe [figure A] and listening to old old Radiohead and drinking wine (if you look very closely you can see one or two watery sav patches… entirely deliberate and added purely for the sake of authenticity, of course… sort of like newly ancient tea stains).

The other half of this back-of-last-year’s-diary map is all decked out in polkadots (my polkadot planet — too twee?). Part two isn’t pictured here because a) my pen ran out, and b) such fripperies as these actually take a fucking long time — it takes more than just an evening of ad-breaks to fashion a houndstooth universe, in case you’re wondering.

(Really my pen running out is the main reason for me being here right now. Once I get started on my globe-crosshatching quest it’s quite hard to stop. It’s extremely peaceful, even if my inner calm does come as a direct result of me systematically wiping out entire villages — whole countries — with an ink pen.)

Speaking of peaceful, today I realised something quite important. I don’t really want to use my head any more. My head and I have reached a bit of a stalemate (supposing for a minute that I can be detached from my head… but let’s not get so granular about it). At the moment my head hurts a lot. It’s not like a headache; it’s more like dragging a tired old mule to a trough of brackish water and wondering why it keeps on saying nuh-uh with its legs locked rigid and its hooves clinging for dear life in the dirt.

I’m putting it down to end-of-year-itis. But if 2011 rolls around and nothing’s changed, I’m thinking maybe I’ll work in a map shop or sell slightly modified atlases door-to-door.


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