zen mode


A nightcap post. I think I wanted to talk about a few things. Mostly about how Bejeweled 3 has introduced Zen Mode. Also how I have a new thing for Coast FM (but only ever in the car… although it has some stiff competition up against Concert FM, which is the only other station to get much airtime on my beat).

And my new blinds, which went up today and have cloaked the house in rather a pleasing, cloaky way. A little bit bourgeois, maybe, and utterly sensible (think blackouts and thermal linings and no more accidentally parading nakedness to the neighbours). But especially cloaky, which is their best feature by far. My nice-to-look-at fabric barricades, fashioned from only the most muted of hues.

I won’t go into any of these things at length, though (apart from Bejeweled’s Zen Mode), because I’m determined not to always be sounding like a nana [to quote a young colleague casually commenting on my current array of domestic distractions].

So I have resolved to take a small break from:

posting pictures of my cats

posting pictures of my piano

posting pictures of flower drawings 

long-winded descriptions of soft furnishings (was just getting it out of my system above, sorry) and Crown Lynn acquisitions

talking about how much I like bed

And you get the picture. I was also just thinking about how a collective mood can descend, seemingly out of nowhere, affecting a bunch of people similarly. A communal funk, of sorts. A bad wind blowing. I don’t know. I don’t really have any more to back this up than a passing statement. Nothing more than a grumpy hunch. There’s no science in this argument. The only parallel I can think to draw is a stupid one (but of course I’ll go right ahead and draw it anyway): so, like at a boarding school full of girls in close confinement when, seemingly out of nowhere, all menstrual cycles are suddenly, strangely and completely in alignment. I’m sure there’s some gross bestial reason for that, though. To do with the moon and fertility and carnal convenience for cavemen, possibly.

This mood thing. Hopefully there’s something to be said for sleeping it off. For being kind and eating well and not looking in the mirror too much. For deep gulps of fresh air, self protection, stillness, getting on with things, and Bejeweled’s Zen Mode.

Zen Mode is awesome, by the way. The only trouble is that it goes on forever without you even knowing it. And forever is way past my bedtime. To give you an idea of the depth of my feeling for the latest version of Bejeweled (and actually just Bejeweled on the whole)…

The other night I had one of my short-lived harebrained ideas. What I realised was: if I were ever to do a PhD, I think I’d want to centre it around Bejeweled. Bejeweled as a Paradigm for All Things (and that’s just the beginning). That’s probably a very good reason for me to never ever do a PhD. And it probably has something to do with why I haven’t really, honestly considered doing a PhD (until now). But I was (and maybe still am) deadly serious. I even came up with a devious plan wherein PopCap Games pays for the PhD and all my life-and-course-related costs. And that way I can still afford soft furnishings, sheet music and Crown Lynn trinkets – win-win.


6 Responses to “zen mode”

  1. 1 Bryno

    I too love bejeweled and all the rip off / faux versions of bejeweled, although clearly no as much as you because I’ve never considered doing a phd centered on the game. If I was going to do a phd on a computer game it would probably be on Assassin’s Creed, man that game is awesome, you should ask Simon to buy it for the PS3 although its a bit more gruesome that tile swapping games. Anyway what actually happens during this mysterious zen mode?

  2. 2 katy77

    To put it simply, young Bryno… you kind of go into a trance and the outside world melts away. Then, some time later, you muster all your energy and snap yourself out of it and discover it’s 4 in the morning…

    • 3 Bryno

      I like being called young Bryno although I suspect that I’m actually older than you, unless of course you got held back at school?

  3. 4 katy77

    How can you tell….???

  4. Good blog you have got here.. It’s hard to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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