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Tonight it’s lamb shanks and Lionel. I am very excited. When Simon interviewed Meatloaf I made meatloaf. And I thought lamb shanks were the perfect culinary commemoration for Lionel. I think it’s the comfort factor, all that meat and gravy. As we speak (or whatever this is) the meat is falling from the bone, simmering in a broth of wine, tomatoes, garlic […]

So I’m writing this offline and doing the copy ‘n paste thing because the Otorohanga wireless crawls. Also I have 52 minutes of purchased internet time left this evening and I’m using it frugally. I’ve got an unidentified SKY movie on mute and have discovered some rather enchanting pre-loaded pipey music on my phone, which […]

You know when you write your name over and over until it doesn’t seem like it’s yours. Or like it’s so much yours you feel ill with it, with the sprawling scrawly endlessly sicked-up excess of it. Well, that’s what I was doing tonight, only with my KATY woodblocks. I started arranging them in daylight […]