Lionel’s shanks


Tonight it’s lamb shanks and Lionel. I am very excited. When Simon interviewed Meatloaf I made meatloaf. And I thought lamb shanks were the perfect culinary commemoration for Lionel. I think it’s the comfort factor, all that meat and gravy.

As we speak (or whatever this is) the meat is falling from the bone, simmering in a broth of wine, tomatoes, garlic and rosemary. (That’s my attempt at food writing, by the way.) Today, in my Sunday bubble, I also made about 200 muffins. I can’t keep up with the fruits of our land. Today, just when I was getting to grips with the apple tree’s yield, I discovered we have a peach tree. It’s humungous. At least, I think it’s a peach tree. The fruit is furry but the flesh is quite a dark red (some kind of hybrid??). I hope — whatever they are — that they’re edible. If not, I probably need to dispose of a shitload of muffins.

Maybe we’ll conclude our evening, post-gig, with white Russians and a dewy-eyed sing-along. (Endless Love. Not that I have the evening completely mapped out, or anything…) Man I love Lionel.

I feel almost as excited about Lionel as I did the first time Leonard came to town (although I’m nowhere near as drunk as I was that soporific Friday, which means that all this excitement is pretty much entirely stimulant-free). I cried so hard all the way the first Leonard concert I gave myself a pounding headache. When we went to see him again a year or so later I felt nothing at all, just a little bit listless and fidgety. And we left halfway through. It was weird. It was like I’d cried all the magic away and there was nothing left.

There’s a lesson in this, I guess. If Lionel comes to town again after tonight I am going to stay home. I might cook lamb shanks and play some Lionel records, but that’s all.

So, putting thoughts of Lionel to one side for a moment, in my last post (which took me about 45 minutes to post, even after I prepared the whole thing in advance), I said something about posting photos of Kiwiana Town, aka Otorohanga. These (above) are they (apart from the record cover and the bottle of rum, which was the part of the story that happened the night I got home from King Country). It was cool. I got to see kiwis and glow worms. Kiwis are so cute. The brown spotted kiwi is all smoochy and playful — a bit like a cat. And glow worms are just downright strange when you stop and think about them, but the collective effect of each strange light, when you’re sitting in complete darkness in a boat underneath it is sort of, well, spiritual, dare I say it.


2 Responses to “Lionel’s shanks”

  1. 1 Jane Hart

    Those peaches in your garden Katy are called Black Boys – they are delicious.
    Loved your post today by the way x

  2. 2 katy77

    Thanks Jane – good to know I’m not poisoning people! xx

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