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It’s Saturday night and I’m home alone drinking lukewarm Milo. It’s good. Earlier tonight an old housebus turned up and now I’m listening to a bunch of hippies across the street getting into the swing of their party. That’s good too. I like it when the valley is alive with the sound of nighttime merriment. But it […]

I love it when little people come into the world. Hello Emma Diana Weaver, just a small handful of hours old. Tuesday night and we’ve put a temporary stop to my house porn and Forensic Files marathons. MySKY has got a lot to answer for. We’re listening to Cody ChesnuTT instead. Sarah Beanie was starting […]

It has been nearly a month since last I stopped by here. I’d like to say I’ve been extremely busy, but that’s not it at all. I just couldn’t really muster the energy and I guess I wasn’t really feeling it. And I figured that if I wasn’t feeling it, better to lie low than […]