life & stuff since the dog ate my homework


It has been nearly a month since last I stopped by here. I’d like to say I’ve been extremely busy, but that’s not it at all. I just couldn’t really muster the energy and I guess I wasn’t really feeling it. And I figured that if I wasn’t feeling it, better to lie low than inflict a bunch of lacklustre content for the hell of it. I questioned the point of doing this. I still don’t really know the point, but here I am again.

So let this post be like the recap montage at the beginning of a serialised TV show. Sort of. But not in chronological order, or even in order of importance. Maybe it’ll be more like a dream sequence spanning events of the last month, by way of catching up.

It got darker. I trained Sylvie as a hot water bottle and she’s just starting to take to the idea. Jillyfran and Tones moved to town. I inherited a lion. I got very good at doodling again (something about photocopied study materials gets the freeform spirals and the spiky biro flowers proliferating). I set a bed curfew and I’ve mostly stuck to it. And now I’m running out of things to report.

This winter I am taking up knitting and meditation. I’m not sure how long either will last. Maybe long enough to make a scarf and get a little bit of peace and quiet. I don’t have the hugest aspirations; short-lived winter pastimes (as long as I make it to the end of the scarf) will do me just fine.

I can’t concentrate. The TV has its tentacles all over me and my slippers are lined with lambs’ wool. Plus it’s three minutes til bedtime and Sylvie has developed a bit of a thing for my lap — must be all that training and my best tartan pyjamas.


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