Sometimes I choose oblivion


I realised today that I originally started writing this a year or two ago so that I could write about things I like and endorse wholeheartedly. After writing the post before this one (now three weeks old), I feared it was turning into something else altogether: a forum for my petty grievances and inconsequential gripes. Fortunately it seems the unstoppable compulsion to rant has gone now and I can return to mulling and pottering at my own slow leisure, unearthing pretty things that I like to look at. So, above: 3 x bird plates (well, I know only two are featured… but that’s what you get when you point and shoot using a pinhole camera) I bought for myself in the weekend for my birthday. Especially likeable because they cost a grand total of $17.95. The plate hooks were going to cost me more than the plates themselves and were on the other side of town. And then I stopped in to see my parents on my way home and my mother produced a handful of plate hooks, just like that. Total cost $0.00.

And this is one of our household’s two Andy Warhols. The other one is a plate. This is a Velvet Underground record framed in a special vinyl frame that allows you to unhinge the front piece and interchange your record art. Speaking of Insanely Saleable Artists, we also have a Damien Hirst, signed and all. I think I paid £10 for it and he (aka his minions) sent it to me from somewhere that looked like Eastern Europe, judging by the postmark. I was mostly just curious about the process. The package reached me a bit dented. I think I might have preferred a shark in formadehyde. Although fuck knows where I’d put a shark in formaldehyde, even if I did have a few million in change rattling around.

And this watercolour got my vote for the prettiest thing I saw all day.

And the other day the internet found me this charming NZ font. One day I would like the whole alphabet, but for now I’m going to appreciate it one letter at a time.

That’s heaps of stuff I like. There’s more as well, but maybe I’ll save that for my October post. Plus I got Simon to order me 2 x Bowerbirds albums and he picked them up today, so we’ve just listened to those (in our recently re-ordered study with its most excellent shelving). And just now he bought me the new Laura Marling album on iTunes, which will round out my evening’s musical entertainment.

Now I am going to start running a bath, which should help me to wrap up here in a timely fashion. That’s the theory, anyway. But it’s a shallow bath, so things could also go quite badly wrong.

Today there was a ranting woman standing on the street outside my building. She had a good set of lungs on her and a few axes to grind. I don’t know what she was soapboxing about — although I did peer down at her from the eighth floor and try and work it out — something about the DHB. Not being of the public ranting persuasion (August’s blog notwithstanding) I wondered what would drive a person to lone ranting in the middle of the CBD in broad daylight. I then wondered if I should worry for her, or at least attempt to understand her plight before moving onto the next thing in my day. But then I decided that sometimes selective oblivion is best. Sometimes it pays to have a Very Good Filter.

For example, as far as I’m concerned Happy Feet has slipped his tracking device and swims free. Maybe the glue came loose in all that salt water? Whether that’s true or not, that’s my story and it will behoove me to stick to it.

And if I’d chosen the path of selective oblivion last week, I wouldn’t have wondered off and on for days on end about the crying girl on the bus. I wouldn’t have wondered why she was crying or if, days later, she was feeling better. When all of it was for nothing anyway, since this morning on the bus she was there again, with the exact same expression. She was never crying at all. She just looks like she’s crying. I think it has something to do with the reddish eye makeup, having big, glassy eyes and a fixed and very blank bus-stare. But now I know.


2 Responses to “Sometimes I choose oblivion”

  1. 1 LP

    You are a beautiful writer. Hope that bath didn’t overflow.

  2. Agreed.

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