T -4



Okay, Nik, this one’s for you. Checking in here was on my remaining things to do list (but probably wouldn’t have happened without Nik’s prompting). T -4 days and I can’t be bothered with the list. Today mostly consisted of sleep and Bejeweled and a bit of walking from room to room. Also my mother vacuumed and did washing while I lay there in my elaborately constructed pillow fortress. So productive things did happen under my roof today, but they were in no way of my making.

Friday I finished work. Yesterday I sat an exam, my first in 12 years. (Strange, very strange — I felt like younger me but with a much duller, woolier mind (but probably better organisational skills) and then the blue lino got me all confused into thinking I was actually at the hospital… something so same-y and — I don’t know — institutional about institutions.)

And today I entered my five-day window of empty-headed pottering. No more confusing epistemology and episiotomy or having to wade through ringbinders of Very Serious photocopied material, reading each page three or more times only to realise a day or so later that nothing whatsoever had stuck. Now I can while away minutes upon minutes of idle time studying the backs of bottles in the shower and making the words mean whatever I want them to (for example, just now: rincez abondamment should really mean rinse with abandon rather than just boring old thoroughly). Plus I can watch blackbirds frolic in hedges.

And come Monday it all changes. No more eating chalk in the small hours of the morning.


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