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You know when you write your name over and over until it doesn’t seem like it’s yours. Or like it’s so much yours you feel ill with it, with the sprawling scrawly endlessly sicked-up excess of it. Well, that’s what I was doing tonight, only with my KATY woodblocks. I started arranging them in daylight […]

Tomorrow will be my first and only day of the holiday spent alone. I was looking forward to it and now I’m not so much. I’m toying with the idea of a to-do list but I already know I will do all the unpressing things (re-potting planters, pulling out every twelfth weed, thinking about mopping the […]



                                  My brother made this when he was 12. It has JR2GE carved into the bottom of it. He gave it to me. Actually I think I comandeered it, having an eye for promising naïve art, as I did. Probably […]

I loved her from the minute I laid eyes on her, always fleetingly, but I never understood her. I think that’s why I loved her. She never seemed to fit quite right. I never knew how she got there. But sure enough there she always is – still – demure, forever the suppliant, every time we hit […]

my worry dolls


These are my worry dolls. I have had them since I was quite small. Or not really small but I have had them for about 18 years and have kept them by my bed all around the world. Once I lost them but then I found them again, in a whole new continent. I’d like […]