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I realised today that I originally started writing this a year or two ago so that I could write about things I like and endorse wholeheartedly. After writing the post before this one (now three weeks old), I feared it was turning into something else altogether: a forum for my petty grievances and inconsequential gripes. Fortunately it seems the […]

faraway places


Oh the burden of non-stop online content creation. The internet never sleeps, but I must. (And when the weekend comes, I sleep a lot.) I have become something of a once-a-week blogger. I’m forming a theory. (But I’m always forming theories, and they never seem to do much, or go anywhere.) More on that shortly, […]

I only sort of mean that. Actually I don’t really mean it at all. I was thinking about the Great Big Web Crescendo, the Digital Swell, this Pixelly Everpresentness and the Gadgetisation of Everything (call it what you will)… and the line from the end of Rubber Ring — everybody’s clever nowadays — has been stuck in my head […]

(And here, now.) I think I might have just been on my way to bed. But my Morrissey hits (yes, hits) marathon hasn’t quite finished playing out and I have half a glass of wine just sitting here… Plus it needs to be at least midnight before I can even begin to entertain the idea […]

skull stuff


By God, this internet thing is something else. Just when I’m yawning in the face of Facebook and thinking it has nothing new to offer me, a whole new world opens up to me out of nowhere (but not on Facebook, usually, might I add) and I’m beguiled all over again, woozy as the first […]

I never liked roller coasters. I still don’t. I doubt I will ride one ever again. Not a real one. I like the way they look, though. Especially the rickety wooden ones. Especially the broken ones in underloved old amusement parks — too much trouble to dismantle, too much trouble to repair. There’s something so forlornly gorgeous […]

This is my new Indian printing block. It was supposed to be a reward I worked towards, for achieving something very specific, but it didn’t really work out like that. What I mean by that is I didn’t achieve this particular thing — in fact I achieved the exact opposite — but I got the printing block […]