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Leaf Magic


Today is Margaret Mahy day in our house. We started with my 34 year-old copy of Leaf Magic but had to retire that one pretty quickly on account of it being completely spineless and because Oscar’s eight month-old reading habits have more to do with tugging than any kind of actual reading. I let him […]



So I have written what follows in between feeds and am posting this in anticipation of the next — imminent — feed, in the calm before the next milk frenzy. One needy cat sulkily blocking access to most of the keyboard (= one handed typing) and one eye on the clock (= a semi-permanent limbo […]

I didn’t have a winter holiday this year (unless you count three days on the Massey campus in Palmerston North as a holiday), so I stole a friend’s winter holiday picture (see above). Then I happened to be listening to Ralph Towner at work the other day and noticed his album cover (see below). It […]



It’s Saturday night and I’m home alone drinking lukewarm Milo. It’s good. Earlier tonight an old housebus turned up and now I’m listening to a bunch of hippies across the street getting into the swing of their party. That’s good too. I like it when the valley is alive with the sound of nighttime merriment. But it […]

Journal excavation, again. Different journal and lolly-coloured lenses to add an element of visual interest. I started this and then got sidetracked rearranging words/lines out of this journal. It was fun until I got bored. It’s all scribbles and glued stuff. And so many words in strange sequences, like dodecahedron and gingerbread and beeswax and […]

skull stuff


By God, this internet thing is something else. Just when I’m yawning in the face of Facebook and thinking it has nothing new to offer me, a whole new world opens up to me out of nowhere (but not on Facebook, usually, might I add) and I’m beguiled all over again, woozy as the first […]

my desk


Getting started is the hardest part. I find that with pretty much everything. I have finally set up my desk. This is it. I haven’t sat at this desk for seven or so years. It has been lovingly kept, though. And it’s in a much better state now than it was in the Mt Vic […]