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I realised today that I originally started writing this a year or two ago so that I could write about things I like and endorse wholeheartedly. After writing the post before this one (now three weeks old), I feared it was turning into something else altogether: a forum for my petty grievances and inconsequential gripes. Fortunately it seems the […]

This is my new old piano. I am worse at it now than I ever was. I played some Eastenders and The Incredible Hulk theme song tonight. And a little bit of Tiffany. It sounded bad but felt quite good. It’s unlikely I’ll report much here right now. Listening to Enigma and the weather with […]

It’s been a while. I probably wouldn’t make a very good correspondent in times of upheaval, disharmony or even minor crisis.  If I had a muse (s)he would probably be wearing slippers and drinking peppermint tea. And we’d probably contemplate things like paint charts and lamb shank slowcooking techniques more than we would actually do anything actually worthy of […]

Last night I said I would call this post I buy things off the internet in the dead of night etc, and so I did. This is our official Damien Hirst internet purchase. It’s a photo of a bunch of unravelled TDK SA 60 cassette tape. A friend came over for dinner the other night […]

A while back I noticed something. A lot of our art somehow involves animals (also a lot of typos, but let’s not confuse the issue). It was never deliberate. I never once thought oh, it might be cool to start an animal art collection. It turns out I have been turning into the crazy cat […]

the spoon board


This is my spoon board. The favourite of all my Christmas presents. Ruth, my grandmother in law, 87, of Hastings, gave it to me. She has a whole wall of spoon boards, which I have admired – almost coveted – on a number of occasions. Now I will have to collect spoons from all the places […]