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Ironing listening to Lawrence Arabia on a Sunday night. I haven’t been in the most people-friendly mood this weekend. It happens sometimes. I have been decidedly off colour. I’m hoping it’s just the clutches of winter getting the better of me. I will write a things to do list that will navigate me out of this […]

42 minutes of the weekend remaining. I have been having what I like to call a winter holiday at home. This involves behaving like you don’t live where you live, wandering vaguely through usually familiar places, spending more, ordering cocktails in bars where you’d usually go for your usual and then proceeding to do the crossword, nonchalantly, like you’re […]

the capturation


There is something so cathartic about listening to old school PJ Harvey very very loud. And something so rebellious about staying up way past a sensible school night bedtime (usually my weekday be-in-bed-reading curfew is midnight, but it just comes around so darned quick). Although Thursday night is unofficially the weekend. So I’m really only just getting […]