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Last time I weighed in here (precisely a month and one day ago) I said something about making an appearance once a month, thinking that was cutting myself enough slack. Being one to honour my commitments, I have been toying with this post all week, pushing it forward in the tiniest of increments, managing a small […]

This dinosaur came to me all the way from a paper tablecloth in New Hampshire this week. It was in my inbox on Monday morning when I got to work, along with this message: I’m in New Hampshire at a restaurant waiting for my food to come and LP and I discovered you can draw […]

42 minutes of the weekend remaining. I have been having what I like to call a winter holiday at home. This involves behaving like you don’t live where you live, wandering vaguely through usually familiar places, spending more, ordering cocktails in bars where you’d usually go for your usual and then proceeding to do the crossword, nonchalantly, like you’re […]

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Now it’s dark at hometime. I thought about writing here over Easter but even checking my emails proved too hard. The trees were old and huge and resplendently autumnal, and a bird made the strangest, clearest notes on the ledge outside my window in the morning. I listened to it for what must have been nearly […]

It seems like part of the plight of the weekday worker is a constant pining for the weekend ahead. A perpetual state of yearning for a shimmery trackpanted hiatus, twinkling ahead in the notsodistant future like an oasis in an airconditioned and watercoolered desert. Quite often during the week I like to make lists of things […]

I post this photo to illustrate that we were all cute – once. How cute am I? Pretty, pretty cute. (If I do say so myself. And I do.) Sometimes I find it helps to make a list in my head of things I like (and endorse wholeheartedly). Just whatever comes to hand. Here is […]

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Good things happen and bad things happen and sometimes the two are indivisible, or remarkably similar looking once you get right down to turning them inside out. Or you can’t just draw a line between them and say that is that. All quiet on the katyink front for a bit. A lot of feather flapping […]