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This is a picture I took on my phone this evening in Martinborough. It’s a little wooden church with the lights on inside, at the very end of sunset. I just went through my camera photos and discovered a lot of wobbly photos I have taken recently on night excursions. Some of which I will […]

Funny stuff starts to happen in my head when committing to longer pieces of writing after a significant hiatus. Sort of like my brain retraining or entering a different mode. Tonight’s example. I find it odd when characters of my own making turn into casual poets, and then sometimes I forget which character is responsible for […]

on movement


I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Still life vs The Moving Thing. How to capture movement. This is the pattern from a light machine. I liked not knowing how the picture would turn out when I took it, because of the frenzy of moving light (and also because the viewfinder was in total […]

dorothy origami


  Possibly illegible? Hot off the Photoshop press, complete with typos, probably. Remind me next time to fashion something in portrait rather than landscape. Far more sensible.

This is another Thing I Like. It’s a sort of photo montage stuck on a piece of plasticky linoey stuff, made up of art-room offcuts, given to me by Aimee, a girl I went to school with. We were at boarding school together. She gave me this in 1995. On the back of it she […]

There is a long story behind this, but I am weary and vexed and too attached to and wound up by the story to tell it. Basically I should have hit save draft about an hour ago. Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place. Not that this was lightning in the first place, but I’m […]

This is a picture of the moon. I am about to do some decoupage butchery on it, so consider this the before picture. I have won two trivia quizzes in four days. The only thing that is remarkable about this is how bad I am at quizzes. I have some pretty smart friends, which is […]