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It’s too hot to do anything but make stuff with my summer flower drawings. I think I am going to go and stand in the rain now. Advertisements

So last night I wrote a grand total of 305 Frankie words. Tonight I was going to do the same — maybe I still will (unleash myself on an unsuspecting world 305 words at a time… look out) — but then I got caught up colouring in my houndstooth universe [figure A] and listening to old old […]

Journal excavation, again. Different journal and lolly-coloured lenses to add an element of visual interest. I started this and then got sidetracked rearranging words/lines out of this journal. It was fun until I got bored. It’s all scribbles and glued stuff. And so many words in strange sequences, like dodecahedron and gingerbread and beeswax and […]

Sleep FTW.  Three-day weekend FTW. I woke up at 9pm tonight and made this out of old stuff and a bit of Photoshoppery. It felt awesome. I drank wine and put music on. That felt awesome too. It felt a bit like the good old me back again. A few notes for my own personal […]

Another thing I found the other day in the papery region of our house: some of the comic cards I used to make. Hopefully you can read the captions from here. If not: All right, all right. I love you kid. Television… That and a booster shot of HOPE. Everything’s going to be fine. Something […]

I elected not to go out tonight. Or today (apart from errands, which are hardly social). I got up this morning and cooked extremely. It was a bit strange and out of character. It wasn’t extreme that I was cooking. I love cooking. It was extreme that I got up on a Saturday morning to cook […]