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So I posted these pictures in first, hoping the words would come after. Sometimes it works like that. A visual jolting or something. An anchor. A way to enter through the side door and maybe somehow end up in the right place. Or if not the right place at least a place worth inhabiting for a […]

As I write this, our household contends with finishing off a bird murder. Sort of like animal kingdom Cluedo, only the assailant wasn’t doing much about concealing his crime, proud as he was of it.  My bung-eyed crying jag started long before Bax tried to deposit a half-dead bird amongst the presents under the Christmas tree […]

If in doubt, post pictures of cats — it’s failproof. This is Sylvie helping me pack. She’s giving me her anxious look. The so where are we going, then? look. It’s been a wee while between blogs. I was going to write at the beginning of the weekend. The thing I was going to write […]

I went to bed last night with that in my head. Wine gums for crack addicts. A troubling smattering of words, wrenched out of context. I thought I would shake the words free in my sleep. But I woke up with them and they mooched around at the back of my head all day, persistent […]

I was going to take a photo of every Bic and Zippo lighter I have uncovered in this latest anthropological box-and-dust experiment. I found a lighter for just about every colour of the rainbow (and there were also some in colours that aren’t even in the rainbow). I think I must have packed them all, sensibly, having no use for […]

I sound a bit emo when I say that. I don’t really have a head full of quandary – no more than usual, anyway – we were just listening to Hissing of Summer Lawns, which started this. And having lamb shanks. Which is now the new Monday night thing. Sitting down to unhurried food, completely […]

Not last night but the night before (Monday, I think?) I agreed to answer some questions on handwriting. (And speaking of agreeing to things, although quite unrelated, next Tuesday night I have agreed to go and talk to a bunch of Girl Guides about marketing.) The questions were for my brother, James, for an article he […]