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In the rash and heady early hours of this year I cut myself what I thought was a pretty cushy deal: one blog post per month, minimum. And so today’s leap day leapt upon me and now here I am, working to deadline, watery White Russian in hand, trying to scrape together enough words and […]

Tonight it’s lamb shanks and Lionel. I am very excited. When Simon interviewed Meatloaf I made meatloaf. And I thought lamb shanks were the perfect culinary commemoration for Lionel. I think it’s the comfort factor, all that meat and gravy. As we speak (or whatever this is) the meat is falling from the bone, simmering in a broth of wine, tomatoes, garlic […]

So I’m writing this offline and doing the copy ‘n paste thing because the Otorohanga wireless crawls. Also I have 52 minutes of purchased internet time left this evening and I’m using it frugally. I’ve got an unidentified SKY movie on mute and have discovered some rather enchanting pre-loaded pipey music on my phone, which […]

So I posted these pictures in first, hoping the words would come after. Sometimes it works like that. A visual jolting or something. An anchor. A way to enter through the side door and maybe somehow end up in the right place. Or if not the right place at least a place worth inhabiting for a […]

Don’t worry, I didn’t write on the bathroom wall myself. I did take the photos though. I figured it was better than the girl who took her drink into the stall with her. That made me feel a bit ill. I’ve never got why people do that. Maybe it’s something to do with a fear […]

Okay, so just quickly. I’m not even sure what I’m doing here. 1.44am. I guess I just felt like checking in. Reading out loud is super awesome. Being read to, out loud, is even better. Listening is good. And hard. I am really shit at it. Or I’m okay at it when it doesn’t really […]

It didn’t look anything like this today. I am about to drink brandy and warm my feet. Baxo is huddled behind the warm awning of my laptop screen. I am listening to Boomin’ Granny. I used to put it on repeat and let it go all night, just that one song. If you can call it […]