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This is the beginning of the family photo wall. I finally got around to it tonight. I’ve got about half as many photos again to find frames for, but it can wait. I seem to have already depleted The Warehouse’s halfway decent bargain bin photo frame stock. I calculate I spent about $3.79 per frame, […]

Don’t worry, I didn’t write on the bathroom wall myself. I did take the photos though. I figured it was better than the girl who took her drink into the stall with her. That made me feel a bit ill. I’ve never got why people do that. Maybe it’s something to do with a fear […]

nice jugs


I couldn’t help it. I was at a loose end (aka procrastinating) and I got the urge to photograph my jugs. Actually, all the other photos I took just now came out a bit spack, but the jugs were nice, so I went with the jugs. I’m not even supposed to be here. I’m supposed […]

I remember this wallpaper vividly. But anyway, I’ll get to that. Right now I have extremely warm feet and the best writing set-up ever. I think I have come to this writing set-up too late in life, but I didn’t think about it until tonight. My grandmother’s fold-down table with the leaves folded up, pulled […]

I just found out the meaning of holding pattern, for real. I thought it meant something completely different. Sort of like a holding pen. Somewhere where you keep agitated hens, or slaughter-ready pigs. I think that’s what I thought it was, beyond just being an expression, I mean. Today I had a ghostwriting dilemma. For […]

the gum tree


Life in boxes. I feel like I’m almost on the brink of liberation (if the definition of brink is something actually quite wide and cushioned, something only giving the illusion of imminence and drastic, instantly unrecognisable life-alteration). Today we started moving into our storage space. It’s quite dinky. And while the unit is already about a […]