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That end-of-summer-holiday crash landing. Skin still peeling in the shower. Halfway between life as it is and as it might be, if you let it. If you surrendered yourself to indefinite itinerancy.  The resolutions I never made drifting like spores, or motes – whatever you call them (is it that spores are living, life-producing, and motes […]

(And they both live happily ever after.) Tonight Angel Mouse met Santa Mouse. Santa Mouse winged his way to us in a FastPost bag, quite unexpected; Angel Mouse was waiting patiently on the tree. Perhaps she knew all along. Sometimes you just know these things, even if you don’t know you know them. Sometimes the […]

Funny how just a nominal change in season (the end of one month clicking over to the beginning of the next) can turn the world on its ear/head/some other extremity. I was a spring baby. Actually I wasn’t, because I was born in the Northern Hemisphere. I was a September baby. Apparently there was a […]