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  So I needed a reason for coming here, however arbitrary. New Year’s giant boot upside the ass gave me one good reason. But, apart from the tyranny of unresolved resolutions that prey on my mind each year around this time, the thing that’s really been giving me pause is the all too foreseeable end of […]

I didn’t have a winter holiday this year (unless you count three days on the Massey campus in Palmerston North as a holiday), so I stole a friend’s winter holiday picture (see above). Then I happened to be listening to Ralph Towner at work the other day and noticed his album cover (see below). It […]

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Oh the burden of non-stop online content creation. The internet never sleeps, but I must. (And when the weekend comes, I sleep a lot.) I have become something of a once-a-week blogger. I’m forming a theory. (But I’m always forming theories, and they never seem to do much, or go anywhere.) More on that shortly, […]



Well well. I have spent the last ten minutes or so transfixed by pictures of unicorns. Only because I couldn’t find the photos of the rainbow I took from the Harbour Bridge this afternoon from a moving taxi. Stupid phone camera. I think there might have been one good photo in there too – the […]



On Saturday we drove to Martinborough to see the B52s and ended up in Ngawi. We didn’t get lost, but gale force winds put the kaibosh on the concert. I’d never been to Ngawi before. I’d never even heard of Ngawi before. I was actually probably more excited about seeing Ngawi than I was about […]

God, I did it again. Accidentally hit the back button and lost my unsaved post halfway through (although I say halfway through I can’t really be sure. I was somewhere in the depths of things, heading somewhere mostly unspecified, which is the glory and the risk of unsaved, unpremeditated blog posts, perhaps). I hate myself and […]

I write this from the streets of Annandale, Sydney. 9 or so pm. Hot but not altogether bothered, although this impromptu getaway could be longer. Who’d have a day job. [That was a rhetorical question – I don’t want an answer to it – so I am not going to dignify it with a question mark.] […]