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So I posted these pictures in first, hoping the words would come after. Sometimes it works like that. A visual jolting or something. An anchor. A way to enter through the side door and maybe somehow end up in the right place. Or if not the right place at least a place worth inhabiting for a […]

Today I dressed my avatar. I could even change her size, although I could only fatten her up to a point (clicking and watching as her unclothed thighs grew elastic and comely right in front of me… but only comely to a point, as I said). She doesn’t really look like me. She’s wearing more red […]

It’s been a while. I probably wouldn’t make a very good correspondent in times of upheaval, disharmony or even minor crisis.  If I had a muse (s)he would probably be wearing slippers and drinking peppermint tea. And we’d probably contemplate things like paint charts and lamb shank slowcooking techniques more than we would actually do anything actually worthy of […]

That end-of-summer-holiday crash landing. Skin still peeling in the shower. Halfway between life as it is and as it might be, if you let it. If you surrendered yourself to indefinite itinerancy.  The resolutions I never made drifting like spores, or motes – whatever you call them (is it that spores are living, life-producing, and motes […]

I got these photos of the sheep the other day in Hastings. They’re not real. Sorry to spoil it, if you hadn’t worked that out already. It is the night before we shut up shop and go back to real life. Therefore I am putting off going to bed. I am listening to Rufus Wainwright […]

This is what I do when I get bored on aeroplanes – take photos of magazine ads and try to pass them off as holiday snaps. Actually I have never done it before this. But – tell me – if I hadn’t written all over this – would you accept it as the real thing?

This will be piecemeal. Or maybe I just mean it won’t hang together well. Or, I am going through the few unrelated shots I have on my phone from the weekend, before I relegate them to the recycle bin. Why is it Hawkes Bay always looks something like this, in photos? Glorious and blue and […]