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This is what I get up to, home alone, on a Friday night. Digging out old Moleskine diaries and colouring in the world maps. I do it every year, and it means I’m forever destined to pay about 5 x more each year for a diary (than your trusty Collins option, say) because I want to […]

Leaf Magic


Today is Margaret Mahy day in our house. We started with my 34 year-old copy of Leaf Magic but had to retire that one pretty quickly on account of it being completely spineless and because Oscar’s eight month-old reading habits have more to do with tugging than any kind of actual reading. I let him […]

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No surprises


So this is a bit of a round-up. First night of the holidays. Burnt forearms and got taken home early tonight by a slightly ashamed husband on account of my merriment. The other night, a night or two ago, I put all Simon’s Batman collectors’ cards in order. Not only did he have one full set, […]

I write this from the streets of Annandale, Sydney. 9 or so pm. Hot but not altogether bothered, although this impromptu getaway could be longer. Who’d have a day job. [That was a rhetorical question – I don’t want an answer to it – so I am not going to dignify it with a question mark.] […]