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On Saturday we drove to Martinborough to see the B52s and ended up in Ngawi. We didn’t get lost, but gale force winds put the kaibosh on the concert. I’d never been to Ngawi before. I’d never even heard of Ngawi before. I was actually probably more excited about seeing Ngawi than I was about […]

Not really. What I mean is that I am tired. I am usually tired when I write this, as it’s usually more or less bedtime. A summation of today: I got a bob got thwarted by a locked steering wheel talked about whether a leopard’s spots are hard-coded into the skin or if you shaved […]

This is the cabbage tree outside my bedroom when I was a teenager. I found it – and the poem – today when I was tidying up. I say tidying up but really I was just rummaging, because nothing got tidied. I was pretty obsessed with this cabbage tree. It was my adolescent talisman for […]

                    I always made the excuse that I needed a room with a view in order to be able to write. A view of water would score top points and amount to the best possible writing. I couldn’t not be a genius writer if I was penning […]

I love these windows. They only reveal their true loveliness at night. They remind me of port holes on a ship. My father used to stay two doors down when he worked in Wellington for a while, and it’s just down the road from my brother and his girlfriend’s place, and it’s a short stroll from […]



This is the building down a door or so down from my work. I pass it every school day. It’s one of the things I remark upon to myself about quite often, usually as I’m standing at the pedestrian crossing, usually running late. If it’s sunny the windows gleam; if it’s not they don’t.