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I wasn’t going to turn on my computer tonight. But I did. And here I am. I have just started work on two new screens – one of which is my parents’ long overdue Christmas present. I’m at the collation and printing stage, pulling together all kinds of stuff, scanning it, cropping it, digitising old […]

I haven’t seen anything like it. She didn’t blink. She brought herself to tears, staring at the camera, but didn’t blink. Not for, like, MINUTES on end. My eyes were smarting like crazy just looking at her. One of the lines in Frankie is: “You have a face I want to look at.” Some faces […]

I stopped actually writing in a journal about 12 years ago, more or less. Rummaging through them now is kind of weird. They even smell ancient, even though nothing feels like very long ago. Here are some of the final excerpts, leading up to the day my diary died. I talk a lot of nonsense […]

This is a picture I took on my phone this evening in Martinborough. It’s a little wooden church with the lights on inside, at the very end of sunset. I just went through my camera photos and discovered a lot of wobbly photos I have taken recently on night excursions. Some of which I will […]

Today I was thinking about the plight of the information worker. In hindsight it happened for a few reasons, namely: 1. the sky was blue 2. the end (of the year) is in sight 3. I was in between things, and ne’er the twain did meet (i.e. I found myself staring out past my monitors […]