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I only sort of mean that. Actually I don’t really mean it at all. I was thinking about the Great Big Web Crescendo, the Digital Swell, this Pixelly Everpresentness and the Gadgetisation of Everything (call it what you will)… and the line from the end of Rubber Ring — everybody’s clever nowadays — has been stuck in my head […]

This evening has not been a good evening. It has been a decidedly bad evening. So I made this. To get away from the belly-upness of everything just for a bit. I must not make this my Place of Ranting. No, this is a place of calm and reflection, home to only the mildest of gripes and sulks. […]

I’m starting to miss my notebooks and scrapbooks. Even though through the years I have toyed with the idea of torching them in a very melodramatic fashion, maybe dancing barefoot in their ashes at sundown.  Or maybe shredding them with my bare hands and flinging them off very high buildings so that the confetti of […]

girls who bury


Leaving the house is good. Amazing what it can do for your mental state. I thought about heaps of things to write about here over the weekend. Now I don’t feel particularly compelled. It might have something to do with my current state of uncomfortable meat inebriation. I’m waiting for the peppermint tea to kick […]

I just found out the meaning of holding pattern, for real. I thought it meant something completely different. Sort of like a holding pen. Somewhere where you keep agitated hens, or slaughter-ready pigs. I think that’s what I thought it was, beyond just being an expression, I mean. Today I had a ghostwriting dilemma. For […]

Sometimes leaving things unfinished is a good thing. It’s like not checking your lotto ticket. I’ve just decided, just in the last 24 hours, that one of the best things about realising you’ll probably never monetise (sorry, I hate that word… occupational hazard… and I don’t even know if it’s a real word) the thing you […]

God, I did it again. Accidentally hit the back button and lost my unsaved post halfway through (although I say halfway through I can’t really be sure. I was somewhere in the depths of things, heading somewhere mostly unspecified, which is the glory and the risk of unsaved, unpremeditated blog posts, perhaps). I hate myself and […]