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paper moon


  Today I had one of my boarding school dreams. I was sitting in the car outside the boarding house with all my worldly goods crammed in the back. The carpark was empty, the sky unreal, and I was saying I’m too old for this. But still I went in. I sat in the corridor […]

I went to bed last night with that in my head. Wine gums for crack addicts. A troubling smattering of words, wrenched out of context. I thought I would shake the words free in my sleep. But I woke up with them and they mooched around at the back of my head all day, persistent […]

Just in from Old Crow Medicine Show. I was thinking about writing about being financially high maintenance a while ago, and during the concert I couldn’t find my lip balm. Then my thoughts proceeded like so… 1. This is ridiculous. I have more lip salves and sticks and balms and glosses and plumping agents than […]

strange dreams


I don’t remember too much about learning to write stories as a kid, but what I do remember is being told on several occasions not to write about dreams. Especially not to end a story and then I woke up and realised it was all a dream. Seems like a bit of a shame, really, […]