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This is the beginning of the family photo wall. I finally got around to it tonight. I’ve got about half as many photos again to find frames for, but it can wait. I seem to have already depleted The Warehouse’s halfway decent bargain bin photo frame stock. I calculate I spent about $3.79 per frame, […]

I am not wise


I’m not. Sometimes I think I am, and then something happens and I realise that I most categorically, definitively, am not. Sometimes I think I have got it all going on. I surprise myself with supreme grown-upness, just sometimes. And sometimes for months on end I am a picture of profundity and calm. When actually, […]

Sometimes Simon asks me to write something for his blog. Last night I did. The subject was bittersweet songs and what they dredged up from the dreaded memory files. Tonight was going to be the night I wrote my long-awaited (ha ha, not really) Animals in our Art Collection post. But now I’m buying time […]

Part 2 of the dredged up make it okay files. Not exactly what you’d call immensely readable, layout wise. At times like these a bit of copy/paste comes works a treat. The non-squinty version bunged below: my eyes are bright with tears & runway lights I was a child bride, the little fish you should […]

This is just a selection of them. This was practically the best thing about the weekend just been. Finding Simon’s childhood sticker collection. That, and hanging out in a swimming pool. And Popcorn Chicken in Paraparaumu (technically outside Wellington, so I wasn’t breaking my no KFC in Wellington rule). My childhood sticker collection has long since gone […]

Hey, look, I can review music too! That’s sort of a private joke, or a not-so-private joke. This won’t be a review, so much. Or it will be a review of my own kind and of my own making. Today at work I had a musical uplift moment. I don’t know what else to call […]

This is a page from my journal nearly 10 years ago. The polaroid is a picture of my face in the rear view mirror of the Fiat. I still have the polaroid (framed, directly above the kitchen light switch) but my face has faded from it. There’s just a cloudy greyness now. Kinda symbolic. Maybe […]