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the den


Tonight we’re hanging out in the den listening to records, doing stuff on our laptops. The rug went down this evening and now it feels even more den-like. (The rug really ties the room together, as The Dude would say.) The den is far far away from anywhere. I even forget it’s part of the house. […]

the capturation


There is something so cathartic about listening to old school PJ Harvey very very loud. And something so rebellious about staying up way past a sensible school night bedtime (usually my weekday be-in-bed-reading curfew is midnight, but it just comes around so darned quick). Although Thursday night is unofficially the weekend. So I’m really only just getting […]

This is my new Indian printing block. It was supposed to be a reward I worked towards, for achieving something very specific, but it didn’t really work out like that. What I mean by that is I didn’t achieve this particular thing — in fact I achieved the exact opposite — but I got the printing block […]

this is water


I have been meaning to write this particular thing for a while. See how the words are crooked? That’s because I accidentally scanned them that way, and now that I am sitting down there’s no way that even the dormant perfectionist in me is going to get me back up again to rescan it. I […]

It seems like part of the plight of the weekday worker is a constant pining for the weekend ahead. A perpetual state of yearning for a shimmery trackpanted hiatus, twinkling ahead in the notsodistant future like an oasis in an airconditioned and watercoolered desert. Quite often during the week I like to make lists of things […]

I post this photo to illustrate that we were all cute – once. How cute am I? Pretty, pretty cute. (If I do say so myself. And I do.) Sometimes I find it helps to make a list in my head of things I like (and endorse wholeheartedly). Just whatever comes to hand. Here is […]

tragedy, mirth


Good things happen and bad things happen and sometimes the two are indivisible, or remarkably similar looking once you get right down to turning them inside out. Or you can’t just draw a line between them and say that is that. All quiet on the katyink front for a bit. A lot of feather flapping […]