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paper moon


  Today I had one of my boarding school dreams. I was sitting in the car outside the boarding house with all my worldly goods crammed in the back. The carpark was empty, the sky unreal, and I was saying I’m too old for this. But still I went in. I sat in the corridor […]

So, today. The Queen is on Facebook. It has been a week of quirks and television. Our ghost has given up its pranks for now, though, which is a bit disappointing. Although various other characters — a veritable spate of them — have appeared from out of the ancient woodwork only slightly more crinkled than […]

This dinosaur came to me all the way from a paper tablecloth in New Hampshire this week. It was in my inbox on Monday morning when I got to work, along with this message: I’m in New Hampshire at a restaurant waiting for my food to come and LP and I discovered you can draw […]

  A good risotto experiment. Monday down. Ocular condensation. Red tape. Word counts. Cold in the bones. An impending farewell. Wet towels. Dead birds gone missing. Mood lighting. Burrowing. Organisation. Disorganisation. Here and now. Now and here. Yes and no and mostly yes.  Moulting protea/parched leucadendron. Open door policies. Sweaty windows. Chipped nails. Internet. Prayers. Bed. […]

42 minutes of the weekend remaining. I have been having what I like to call a winter holiday at home. This involves behaving like you don’t live where you live, wandering vaguely through usually familiar places, spending more, ordering cocktails in bars where you’d usually go for your usual and then proceeding to do the crossword, nonchalantly, like you’re […]

This is what Miss Australia 2010 wishes for. Peace and better skincare. Good on her, I guess. But it just seems ludicrous. From the highly unlikely to the sweetly cosmetic, from tubed beauty to truced-up utopia, all in one hopeful breath. But maybe the question set her up to fail. And I am all for […]

I felt a bit weird about posting the word/picture thing above. It’s taken me a couple of days to actually do it. Going back to my what’s private/what’s not musings from a few nights ago, this felt a bit earnest. A bit too heart-in-my-mouth-or-on-my-sleeve or wherever. So just now I did a curious thing. I cropped […]