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I felt a bit weird about posting the word/picture thing above. It’s taken me a couple of days to actually do it. Going back to my what’s private/what’s not musings from a few nights ago, this felt a bit earnest. A bit too heart-in-my-mouth-or-on-my-sleeve or wherever. So just now I did a curious thing. I cropped […]

It feels good to enter a Sunday vaguely tracksuited. Indifferently scruffy but also a little bit purposeful. I also like entertaining in slippers. Like tonight. Except my slippers got so warm I started overheating and had to go barefoot for a while. I also like pretending to entertain when actually all I am doing is hanging […]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Here are some more pages from my journal/scrapbook from 10 years ago. Almost 10 years ago exactly. This is more a digital vanity project than anything. A way of me working out where my head was at back then, based on a bunch of scribbles. A way of shoring things up, bundling them and putting […]

This is a page from my journal nearly 10 years ago. The polaroid is a picture of my face in the rear view mirror of the Fiat. I still have the polaroid (framed, directly above the kitchen light switch) but my face has faded from it. There’s just a cloudy greyness now. Kinda symbolic. Maybe […]

The words will be nigh on illegible (brooding sky interfering with the lettering and all that). Thank heavens for cut and paste, as follows: 12.06.09 I bought bathroom tiles today (breaking free of my swine flu quarantine). I worked from home, which involved a bit of me sitting on the kitchen floor and tapping on […]

my worry dolls


These are my worry dolls. I have had them since I was quite small. Or not really small but I have had them for about 18 years and have kept them by my bed all around the world. Once I lost them but then I found them again, in a whole new continent. I’d like […]