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I felt a bit weird about posting the word/picture thing above. It’s taken me a couple of days to actually do it. Going back to my what’s private/what’s not musings from a few nights ago, this felt a bit earnest. A bit too heart-in-my-mouth-or-on-my-sleeve or wherever. So just now I did a curious thing. I cropped […]

It feels good to enter a Sunday vaguely tracksuited. Indifferently scruffy but also a little bit purposeful. I also like entertaining in slippers. Like tonight. Except my slippers got so warm I started overheating and had to go barefoot for a while. I also like pretending to entertain when actually all I am doing is hanging […]

Sometimes leaving things unfinished is a good thing. It’s like not checking your lotto ticket. I’ve just decided, just in the last 24 hours, that one of the best things about realising you’ll probably never monetise (sorry, I hate that word… occupational hazard… and I don’t even know if it’s a real word) the thing you […]

This is the post where my blog stats will go through the roof, a total blip on the seismograph. I’m predicting it now. For no other reason than I am going to mention s*x. And if there’s one thing people search on… But let me start somewhere else. I’ll get around to the sex part […]

And so


Here I am/it is. Starting this when I am supposed to be doing something else. Not sure if I’m pretending to write a diary, but in a public forum, or if I’m assuming some kind of public face and should be coming up with something of note or interest. If the latter then I haven’t […]