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this is water


I have been meaning to write this particular thing for a while. See how the words are crooked? That’s because I accidentally scanned them that way, and now that I am sitting down there’s no way that even the dormant perfectionist in me is going to get me back up again to rescan it. I […]

This is a snapshot of Caolan’s story. I took it a while back. I hope he won’t mind. He has probably moved onto many other things (many other volumes and tomes and actionpacked hits) since he wrote this. Last time I hung out with him he was working on a monster stick figure animation, frame by frame. […]

This is another photo of a photo. Well, it’s a photo of DVD being played through a laptop. I like the way it looks. I like the colour of it and I have always been a little bit curious about shoes slung over phone wires. Does it really mean there’s a tinny house in the […]

Most days I don’t go far. I walk to work. It takes me about 15 minutes. I live in town and work in town. In a typical weekday I traverse an area that I would estimate to be approximately three or four square kilometres. If I consider the usual outer limits of my wanderings and […]

So. Revisiting the archives. Blah blah. I thought this was the piece of paper that said & pieces of paper roll off the tongue. But it’s not. This is a photo of my mother’s family place in The Sounds, taken years ago. And a glued in rubber band and some cut out words. It can’t […]

day 364


 Today Patrick Swayze died. Today I have lived for 11679 days. Most of those joke emails that go around aren’t funny and the truisms are lame but the other day I read one that said something like: life isn’t short; it’s the longest thing you will ever do. Today (at 4.15am) our gas oven exploded. […]