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That end-of-summer-holiday crash landing. Skin still peeling in the shower. Halfway between life as it is and as it might be, if you let it. If you surrendered yourself to indefinite itinerancy.  The resolutions I never made drifting like spores, or motes – whatever you call them (is it that spores are living, life-producing, and motes […]



On Saturday we drove to Martinborough to see the B52s and ended up in Ngawi. We didn’t get lost, but gale force winds put the kaibosh on the concert. I’d never been to Ngawi before. I’d never even heard of Ngawi before. I was actually probably more excited about seeing Ngawi than I was about […]

This will be piecemeal. Or maybe I just mean it won’t hang together well. Or, I am going through the few unrelated shots I have on my phone from the weekend, before I relegate them to the recycle bin. Why is it Hawkes Bay always looks something like this, in photos? Glorious and blue and […]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Here are some more pages from my journal/scrapbook from 10 years ago. Almost 10 years ago exactly. This is more a digital vanity project than anything. A way of me working out where my head was at back then, based on a bunch of scribbles. A way of shoring things up, bundling them and putting […]

the road trip


This is us broken down in the Rimutakas this evening. Sunday night return trip. The first time the car broke down we thought it was because the petrol light had come on, and we were miles from the nearest petrol station. Then we found the Onga Onga General Store (and met a puppy called Brandy, […]