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zen mode


A nightcap post. I think I wanted to talk about a few things. Mostly about how Bejeweled 3 has introduced Zen Mode. Also how I have a new thing for Coast FM (but only ever in the car… although it has some stiff competition up against Concert FM, which is the only other station to […]

It’s too hot to do anything but make stuff with my summer flower drawings. I think I am going to go and stand in the rain now.

This is my new old piano. I am worse at it now than I ever was. I played some Eastenders and The Incredible Hulk theme song tonight. And a little bit of Tiffany. It sounded bad but felt quite good. It’s unlikely I’ll report much here right now. Listening to Enigma and the weather with […]

The other day I noticed the 5c NEW magic box for the first time while waiting on my phone order of fish and chips. Trouble was I didn’t have 5 cents, so my future is still a complete and utter mystery to me. Next time I’m down there I’ll try my luck (ha) with a […]



Suitably braindead. Overfed. Pink and bitten. Aimless. Biddable. Tipsy. Chlorinated. Uncoordinated. Intermittently nostalgic. Comfortably disoriented.  In a perpetual state of emerging from or gravitating back towards bed. The yarns have been manifold/colourful and the mishaps amusing. Some activities, in summary: sloppy synchronised swimming, epic water battles, cricket, crosswords, Wiggles workouts, Pimms drinking, garden wandering, halfhearted sketching, bric-a-brac amassing, old diary reenactments, pyjamaed slapstick and […]

This is my passionfruit vine. It’s such a crazy-looking flower. So crazy I decided to draw it (see below). Mother Nature will win every time. There’s a lesson in that for all of us. I also have four strawberries growing on my strawberry plants. But I didn’t draw those, because any-old-one can draw a strawberry.

Journal excavation, again. Different journal and lolly-coloured lenses to add an element of visual interest. I started this and then got sidetracked rearranging words/lines out of this journal. It was fun until I got bored. It’s all scribbles and glued stuff. And so many words in strange sequences, like dodecahedron and gingerbread and beeswax and […]