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Today I dressed my avatar. I could even change her size, although I could only fatten her up to a point (clicking and watching as her unclothed thighs grew elastic and comely right in front of me… but only comely to a point, as I said). She doesn’t really look like me. She’s wearing more red […]

Don’t worry, I didn’t write on the bathroom wall myself. I did take the photos though. I figured it was better than the girl who took her drink into the stall with her. That made me feel a bit ill. I’ve never got why people do that. Maybe it’s something to do with a fear […]



Well well. I have spent the last ten minutes or so transfixed by pictures of unicorns. Only because I couldn’t find the photos of the rainbow I took from the Harbour Bridge this afternoon from a moving taxi. Stupid phone camera. I think there might have been one good photo in there too – the […]

I have left this much too late. 9 minutes until midnight, electric blanket, a heavyhanded nightcap (not mixed by my heavy hand, mind you), lamplight, a book about to burst into glorious denouement. Tonight we went to see Rosy Tin Teacaddy at Bats. They’re there tomorrow and the next day and the next day. You should go. I […]

Sometimes there are things you think about saying, but it’s best for all concerned that you don’t. On Monday morning I got up and looked out my window. I was in a state of undress, but that’s beside the point. I could see the rain breaking – a circumscribed, lit-up ladder of it – from far […]

I saw this today on Buckle Street, driving by, and drove back tonight to get a photo of it. It has been made with ripped up bandages and rags. I’d like to know who made it, and what possessed them. I like it when messages from the street come out of nowhere and stay with […]

I just like making stuff. It’s Friday night (the best Friday night of the year, I’m told). We are scaling down. Winter cleaning, or whatever you call it. Planning to ship out. So tonight  I got out my old suitcases full of paper and spread them out on the kitchen table, in semi-random arrangements, like so (exhibits […]