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So last night I wrote a grand total of 305 Frankie words. Tonight I was going to do the same — maybe I still will (unleash myself on an unsuspecting world 305 words at a time… look out) — but then I got caught up colouring in my houndstooth universe [figure A] and listening to old old […]

This evening has not been a good evening. It has been a decidedly bad evening. So I made this. To get away from the belly-upness of everything just for a bit. I must not make this my Place of Ranting. No, this is a place of calm and reflection, home to only the mildest of gripes and sulks. […]

I don’t. I really don’t. I did try. But I just don’t want to. It’s easier not to. It’s probably better like this. For everyone. I wanted to want to. But wanting to want is not the same as just plain old wanting. And it’s very very far from doing. And this presents some significant […]

I have left this much too late. 9 minutes until midnight, electric blanket, a heavyhanded nightcap (not mixed by my heavy hand, mind you), lamplight, a book about to burst into glorious denouement. Tonight we went to see Rosy Tin Teacaddy at Bats. They’re there tomorrow and the next day and the next day. You should go. I […]

I was going to take a photo of every Bic and Zippo lighter I have uncovered in this latest anthropological box-and-dust experiment. I found a lighter for just about every colour of the rainbow (and there were also some in colours that aren’t even in the rainbow). I think I must have packed them all, sensibly, having no use for […]

So it has been a while. Some things don’t get any easier. Some things get better with time. Perspective is all. Trouble is, sometimes you’ve got to go somewhere far, far away to get it. Woke up in my own bed again this morning, smiling. It was not the blissful blacked out sleep-of-the-dead I had in […]

I haven’t seen anything like it. She didn’t blink. She brought herself to tears, staring at the camera, but didn’t blink. Not for, like, MINUTES on end. My eyes were smarting like crazy just looking at her. One of the lines in Frankie is: “You have a face I want to look at.” Some faces […]