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If in doubt, post pictures of cats — it’s failproof. This is Sylvie helping me pack. She’s giving me her anxious look. The so where are we going, then? look. It’s been a wee while between blogs. I was going to write at the beginning of the weekend. The thing I was going to write […]

  A good risotto experiment. Monday down. Ocular condensation. Red tape. Word counts. Cold in the bones. An impending farewell. Wet towels. Dead birds gone missing. Mood lighting. Burrowing. Organisation. Disorganisation. Here and now. Now and here. Yes and no and mostly yes.  Moulting protea/parched leucadendron. Open door policies. Sweaty windows. Chipped nails. Internet. Prayers. Bed. […]

Hey, look, I can review music too! That’s sort of a private joke, or a not-so-private joke. This won’t be a review, so much. Or it will be a review of my own kind and of my own making. Today at work I had a musical uplift moment. I don’t know what else to call […]

my worry dolls


These are my worry dolls. I have had them since I was quite small. Or not really small but I have had them for about 18 years and have kept them by my bed all around the world. Once I lost them but then I found them again, in a whole new continent. I’d like […]