Things I like and endorse wholeheartedly

Kristin Hersh’s blog is nice. She has some sweet vignettes, especially where Bodhi is concerned.

Poetry on the internet is a bit of a head&*$%, in my opinion anyway (I think it’s the clunky frame around the monitor, and the ads), but I go here when I feel like some pixellated prose.

This guy is okay. He’s a bit opinionated, and I married him. Not because he was opinionated (but in spite of…). I guess it just came with the territory.

Here is some other stuff I like and endorse wholeheartedly.

Snapshots of My Simple Life

The New York Times One in 8 Million

I got onto Seth Godin through marketing channels, in a work capacity, but I find his insights apply to pretty much anything. Of all the stuff that comes into my work inbox every morning, his is usually the first email I click on.

Quote Unquote lives on.

It’s just started recently, but I like doing the Stuff daily trivia quiz. It’s kinda pointless (which is probably why it’s called trivia) and makes me realise how stupid I am, but I check back in every day, without fail.

I like checking out people’s art online. Like Matt Couper’s. And his partner’s – Jo Russ.

I would very much like to buy something buy Lorene Taurerewa, but we’ve run out of room on the walls (not to mention run out of money). One day, though, one day.

Someone alerted me to this online NZ poetry journal. I had never heard of it before, but looks like it has been going for ages. I plan to check it out properly.

You should go here to get Elsewhere.

There’s plenty more stuff, I just can’t think of it right now. I’m usually fawning over or coveting something at any given time, so I’ll make updates as and when things come to me.

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