things I sell

I have finally got my A into G and got my wares online to flog. You can check them out (or even buy them!) at my katyink shop on It’s all very exciting.

What do I sell exactly? you might ask… Well, my answer to that would be to go and check out my profile and shop at Felt, but here are a few images that may or may not start to answer your questions.

4 Responses to “things I sell”

  1. 1 John Jiang

    I read from the Felt site that you sell Japanese Shoji screens. Are these screen made of timber frames with rice papers?

    • 2 katy77

      Hi John – yes they are – cheers

      • 3 John Jiang

        Thanks for your reply

        Can you please give me some ideas in terms of cost and timeframe to supply 4 panels of Shoji Screens? Specifications as following:

        1. Doorway opening size: 2030mm High x 2890mm Wide

        2. 4 panels to fill the opening: 2 sidelights with 2 middle panels sliding

        3. Stain finish on pine frame (Option for cedar stain finish)

        4. 16-lite per panel

        5. Top Hanging system as per manufacturer

        6. Delivery: Napier, Hawke’s Bay

        Hope the above make sense and look forward to your comments

        My email address:

        Great thanks


      • 4 katy77

        Hi there – absolutely. If you can give me your email address and an idea of what you are after I can give you a quote. You can email me at katyrobinson@xtra, Cheers.

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