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I am not wise


I’m not. Sometimes I think I am, and then something happens and I realise that I most categorically, definitively, am not. Sometimes I think I have got it all going on. I surprise myself with supreme grown-upness, just sometimes. And sometimes for months on end I am a picture of profundity and calm. When actually, […]

Still on a borrowed laptop, so haven’t got my groove on. Feel like moping but to do it here would make me feel like serial facebook updaters who talk mostly or only about their ailments. Once or twice is okay (especially if the ailment is gruesome or noteworthy), but I know people who post I’m […]

   You know when you are so tired your eyes itch and no steady stream of thinking comes. And sleep becomes academic although desirable, and also something a little bit fearful. What if it never comes again? (For example.) This is a photo, or two photos, of lichen (top) and an aerial view of flamingoes […]