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So it has been a while. Some things don’t get any easier. Some things get better with time. Perspective is all. Trouble is, sometimes you’ve got to go somewhere far, far away to get it. Woke up in my own bed again this morning, smiling. It was not the blissful blacked out sleep-of-the-dead I had in […]

Part 2 of the dredged up make it okay files. Not exactly what you’d call immensely readable, layout wise. At times like these a bit of copy/paste comes works a treat. The non-squinty version bunged below: my eyes are bright with tears & runway lights I was a child bride, the little fish you should […]

   You know when you are so tired your eyes itch and no steady stream of thinking comes. And sleep becomes academic although desirable, and also something a little bit fearful. What if it never comes again? (For example.) This is a photo, or two photos, of lichen (top) and an aerial view of flamingoes […]

It’s the best thing about planes. The sheer ear-popping clarity that smacks you in the face (or rattles in your head like intense cabin pressure) out of nowhere. All it takes is a little elevation. Or distance. A typical scenario could be: You’re befuddled on the tarmac,  harangued by the spirally inner monologue you’ve been […]