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paper moon


  Today I had one of my boarding school dreams. I was sitting in the car outside the boarding house with all my worldly goods crammed in the back. The carpark was empty, the sky unreal, and I was saying I’m too old for this. But still I went in. I sat in the corridor […]

(And here, now.) I think I might have just been on my way to bed. But my Morrissey hits (yes, hits) marathon hasn’t quite finished playing out and I have half a glass of wine just sitting here… Plus it needs to be at least midnight before I can even begin to entertain the idea […]

nice jugs


I couldn’t help it. I was at a loose end (aka procrastinating) and I got the urge to photograph my jugs. Actually, all the other photos I took just now came out a bit spack, but the jugs were nice, so I went with the jugs. I’m not even supposed to be here. I’m supposed […]



Well well. I have spent the last ten minutes or so transfixed by pictures of unicorns. Only because I couldn’t find the photos of the rainbow I took from the Harbour Bridge this afternoon from a moving taxi. Stupid phone camera. I think there might have been one good photo in there too – the […]

I thought about this poem a lot today. I’ll explain – in a circuitous kind of way – in a minute (first let me finish my lazy copy ‘n paste and compose myself). * Soliloquy of the Solipsist Sylvia Plath I? I walk alone; The midnight street Spins itself from under my feet; When my eyes […]

I had a very inwardly grouchy day today. Begrudgingly productive and inexplicably irked. I kept it well contained. I’m not sure why the day panned out the way it did. Maybe because I forsook all writing last night for Mad Men and House, and then got out of the wrong side of bed all grizzly […]

I got these photos of the sheep the other day in Hastings. They’re not real. Sorry to spoil it, if you hadn’t worked that out already. It is the night before we shut up shop and go back to real life. Therefore I am putting off going to bed. I am listening to Rufus Wainwright […]