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You know when you write your name over and over until it doesn’t seem like it’s yours. Or like it’s so much yours you feel ill with it, with the sprawling scrawly endlessly sicked-up excess of it. Well, that’s what I was doing tonight, only with my KATY woodblocks. I started arranging them in daylight […]

So, today. The Queen is on Facebook. It has been a week of quirks and television. Our ghost has given up its pranks for now, though, which is a bit disappointing. Although various other characters — a veritable spate of them — have appeared from out of the ancient woodwork only slightly more crinkled than […]

Okay, so just quickly. I’m not even sure what I’m doing here. 1.44am. I guess I just felt like checking in. Reading out loud is super awesome. Being read to, out loud, is even better. Listening is good. And hard. I am really shit at it. Or I’m okay at it when it doesn’t really […]



Well well. I have spent the last ten minutes or so transfixed by pictures of unicorns. Only because I couldn’t find the photos of the rainbow I took from the Harbour Bridge this afternoon from a moving taxi. Stupid phone camera. I think there might have been one good photo in there too – the […]

I have no voice. Really. It’s quite funny. I reckon I could get by for ages without talking. People look at me with puppy eyes, which is amusing enough in itself, temporarily. My huskiness is much more endearing than Simon’s current lung-wrenching, gravel-toned cough, for example. Crushed ice and wool-lined slippers help, but sleep doesn’t. This morning Bruce […]

It didn’t look anything like this today. I am about to drink brandy and warm my feet. Baxo is huddled behind the warm awning of my laptop screen. I am listening to Boomin’ Granny. I used to put it on repeat and let it go all night, just that one song. If you can call it […]