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I didn’t really think about it too much at the time. It was momentarily strange and then the day kicked in and it was nothing at all. Also, I have been dreaming so much lately it feels like I have a sort of underwordly/hall-of-mirrors/phantasmic other life thing going on. It sounds all very exotic when I describe it, […]

Sometimes there are things you think about saying, but it’s best for all concerned that you don’t. On Monday morning I got up and looked out my window. I was in a state of undress, but that’s beside the point. I could see the rain breaking – a circumscribed, lit-up ladder of it – from far […]

This is a picture I took on my phone this evening in Martinborough. It’s a little wooden church with the lights on inside, at the very end of sunset. I just went through my camera photos and discovered a lot of wobbly photos I have taken recently on night excursions. Some of which I will […]

Part 2 of the dredged up make it okay files. Not exactly what you’d call immensely readable, layout wise. At times like these a bit of copy/paste comes works a treat. The non-squinty version bunged below: my eyes are bright with tears & runway lights I was a child bride, the little fish you should […]

This is what I do when I get bored on aeroplanes – take photos of magazine ads and try to pass them off as holiday snaps. Actually I have never done it before this. But – tell me – if I hadn’t written all over this – would you accept it as the real thing?

Funny stuff starts to happen in my head when committing to longer pieces of writing after a significant hiatus. Sort of like my brain retraining or entering a different mode. Tonight’s example. I find it odd when characters of my own making turn into casual poets, and then sometimes I forget which character is responsible for […]

So, in my last post I talked about the thing in the gutter that reminded me of an aorta every morning on my way to work. Today, being the Saturday of a long weekend, we went for a walk and I picked up the aorta thing. This is it. It actually looks quite revolting. It’s some sort […]