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I just found out the meaning of holding pattern, for real. I thought it meant something completely different. Sort of like a holding pen. Somewhere where you keep agitated hens, or slaughter-ready pigs. I think that’s what I thought it was, beyond just being an expression, I mean. Today I had a ghostwriting dilemma. For […]

on movement


I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Still life vs The Moving Thing. How to capture movement. This is the pattern from a light machine. I liked not knowing how the picture would turn out when I took it, because of the frenzy of moving light (and also because the viewfinder was in total […]

This is another Thing I Like. It’s a sort of photo montage stuck on a piece of plasticky linoey stuff, made up of art-room offcuts, given to me by Aimee, a girl I went to school with. We were at boarding school together. She gave me this in 1995. On the back of it she […]

This is a picture of the moon. I am about to do some decoupage butchery on it, so consider this the before picture. I have won two trivia quizzes in four days. The only thing that is remarkable about this is how bad I am at quizzes. I have some pretty smart friends, which is […]