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This is my new old piano. I am worse at it now than I ever was. I played some Eastenders and The Incredible Hulk theme song tonight. And a little bit of Tiffany. It sounded bad but felt quite good. It’s unlikely I’ll report much here right now. Listening to Enigma and the weather with […]

the den


Tonight we’re hanging out in the den listening to records, doing stuff on our laptops. The rug went down this evening and now it feels even more den-like. (The rug really ties the room together, as The Dude would say.) The den is far far away from anywhere. I even forget it’s part of the house. […]

Today it felt like winter. I haven’t felt much like writing. I think about Frankie every morning. I think about what to wear and whether to bother with makeup. I think about not much. I get downstairs, unmade up but presentable enough. Sylvie is usually sleeping on the newspaper on the kitchen table, curled up […]

A while back I noticed something. A lot of our art somehow involves animals (also a lot of typos, but let’s not confuse the issue). It was never deliberate. I never once thought oh, it might be cool to start an animal art collection. It turns out I have been turning into the crazy cat […]

I stumbled across this brick in Havelock North a week or so ago. It was sitting atop a brochure stand (saying free please take one) outside a shop. I was on my way to get a spray tan in order to wear a dress with an inordinately plunging neckline, hoping with and against hope (which is […]

the spoon board


This is my spoon board. The favourite of all my Christmas presents. Ruth, my grandmother in law, 87, of Hastings, gave it to me. She has a whole wall of spoon boards, which I have admired – almost coveted – on a number of occasions. Now I will have to collect spoons from all the places […]

(And they both live happily ever after.) Tonight Angel Mouse met Santa Mouse. Santa Mouse winged his way to us in a FastPost bag, quite unexpected; Angel Mouse was waiting patiently on the tree. Perhaps she knew all along. Sometimes you just know these things, even if you don’t know you know them. Sometimes the […]