by the side of my bed


my lampIt is a source of some marital angst, the amount of shit I keep by my bed.

This is an inventory of everything on my bedside table/on top of my bedside bookshelf. Plus there is a laundry hamper, a freestanding photo thing (see below) and some photos on the wall – I’m not counting them as part of the clutter.

NB this is on a Sunday after a sizeable Saturday, so the disarray is pretty impressive. Maybe some time soon I will list everything on my makeup table – that is far more scary.

So, by the side of my bed…

Lamp (see below). Alarm clock. Cell phone. Home phone.

2 x hair ties. 2 x pens (1 x Hyatt Regency Coolum, 1 x Intergen).

2 x bracelets (1 x shiny costume jewellery, 1 x fake jet beads purchased for $3 in Bling sale).

1 x pink highlighter. 1 x packet of pencil leads.

3 x necklaces. 1 x jewellery box. 1 x jewellery pouch. 1 x blue sparkly earrings.

1 x pill box, containing a variety of pills (that’s another post in itself). 

1 x moisturiser. 1 x memory stick. 1 x measuring tape (??).

1 x hair straightening CD.

1 x notebook.

Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now; Lorrie Moore The Collected Stories; Ali Smith The First Person and Other Stories; Alain de Botton The Architecture of Happiness; Paul Auster Ground Work; Virginia Woolf A Room of One’s Own; House and Philosophy; Carol Ann Duffy Rapture; Kate Camp Realia; Haruki Murakami After Dark; David Sedaris Barrel Fever; Eleanor Catton The Rehearsal; Janet Charman Rapunzel, Rapunzel; Charlotte Grimshaw Singularity, Opportunity; Owen Marshall Living as a Moon; Lisa Appignanesi Mad, Bad and Sad; Miranda July no one belongs here more than you; Margaret Atwood Mornings in the Burned House; Jenny Bornholdt The Rocky Shore; JG Ballard Miracles of Life; Isabel Allende My Invented Country; Chris Price The Blind Singer; Our Own Kind – 100 NZ Poems about Animals; The Six Pack Three; Chuck Klosterman Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.

And then there’s everything in the little bookshelf, of which I have read approximately 35%. I may some day get around to reading the other 65%, or more likely the books on top of the bookshelf will keep turning from disordered stacks into precariously-balanced towers, and I won’t get around to it.

bedside photos


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